Easily stacked for transport and storage
Easily stacked for transport and storage

  • Accessories, signage and reflective tape can be applied to suit customer or directional work zone requirements.
  • No additional components required. Hand lift pockets at each end make light work at any job.
  • Alignment at the base helps keep barricades in position over uneven ground and for the duration of the project.
  • Road entrances can be completely closed off thus preventing errant drivers from 'sneaking around' the traffic control device. Barricades are unlikely to be 'bumped' out of the way.
  • Optional cart allows easy maneuverability where frequent relocation of the traffic barricades is required.
  • Cannot be used as a receptacle for paper cups, pop cans, hamburger wrappers and other garbage as is commonly seen in other water fillable devices.

Simplify traffic management solutions with RoadRunner traffic safety barricades.