Length (connected) 66 Weight (no ballast) 53 lbs. (24kg)
Height 38 Water Capacity 160 lbs. (73kg)
Width 30 Centre of Gravity (no ballast) 12" above base
Stacking Height +7 Color choice Orange or white
Max. ballast Water: 160 lbs. (73kg) Max. ballast US Highways 45 lbs. (20kg)
Max. ballast Sand: 320 lbs. (146kg) Max. ballast Federal Highways 100 lbs. (45kg)

diagram of barricade


  • 66” long, 38” high, 30” wide – tough polyethylene (71" - 1800 mm overall length including tongue.)
  • Weighs 53 lbs empty, maximum 213 lbs water filled.
    Note: Barricades must weigh no more than 100 lbs. each when used on Federal Highways
  • 40 ft. container holds 150 units or more.
  • 330 linear feet can be shipped by 1-ton truck.
  • Hand lift pockets at each end make light work of any job - saves on back injuries.
  • Tongue design allows  alignment in straight lines or in curves down to 30 ft. radius.
  • Strapped fill cap and drain plug.
  • Full size forklift slots for lifting stacked units. Also allows for surface run-off.
  • Very low centre of gravity means high stability: 12” from base when empty, 5” from base when water filled.
  • No bulging of sides when water filled.
  • Custom signage and flashers easily applied.
  • No openings that would attract garbage disposal - cannot be used as a receptacle for paper cups, pop cans, hamburger wrappers and other garbage as is commonly seen in other water fillable devices.

Fast & Effective

Fast and easy deployment, in straight or curved lines of a highly visible and continuous plastic barricade with strong physical presence.

More positive visual delineation of public traffic and work areas in a uniform and consistent manner.

image of barrier good for straigt or curved layout

Compact Shipping & Storage

Over 80% space and cost saving when stacked for transportation or storage.

Over  1/4 mile of barricades can be shipped in one 53 ft. Van (216 barricades)

1/4 mile of barricades in 53 ft. van

One Person Handling

The plastic barricades can be deployed and removed by a minimum of one person.

Mechanical lifting equipment is not necessary.

picture of One Person Handling

Ballast Optional

Can be deployed water filled or dry.
Low centre of gravity.
Not easily knocked or blown over.

  • One cubic foot of water weighs 62 lbs.
  • One cubic foot of dry sand weighs 100 lbs.
  • One cubic foot of wet sand weighs 120 lbs.
picture of truck standing on barricade

On-Site Cart

Optional cart allows easy maneuverability where frequent relocation of the traffic barricades is required.

picture of optional cart for frequent moving

Lightweight, rugged plastic

  • Lightweight
  • rugged
  • UV stabilized
  • maintenance free polyethylene plastic.
image of bottom of lightweight barricade
Diagram of ROAD-RUNNER Traffic Safety Barricade
'ROAD-RUNNER' Traffic Control Products Specifications

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