Letter from the President

John Richardson Premier Plastics PresidentTo: Traffic Management Professionals


ROAD-RUNNER Model R-UT 66 Traffic Safety Barricades fill the service gap between small portable barricades (drums, posts, cones and fencing) and the more massive water and concrete barriers.

ROAD-RUNNER temporary work zone channelizer barricades are easy to handle and fast to position, move and retrieve. Your investment in ROAD-RUNNER traffic barricades will result in lower owning and operating costs than any other visual guidance device of its type.

Crash testing and Certification by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration of our ROAD-RUNNER traffic barricades gives you, our customer, the peace of mind needed to make the right decision.

After 15 years serving our valued customers, (including traffic companies, police departments, military bases, construction sites, parking facilities and hospitals) we are proud to say that the traffic barricades made by Premier Plastics Inc. are considered the most usable and long lasting water barricade on the market today.

While most of our products are shipped factory direct within Canada and the U.S., we also ship offshore wherever there is a need for water or sand fillable traffic safety barricades.

Our large inventory guarantees you fast service and at very competitive prices.

The shear ease of use (only one person needed to lift/move barricades) combined with the ability to easily stack and transport demonstrates that ROAD-RUNNER barricades are truly engineered with users in mind.

Please let us quote you on your next traffic control project.

John L. Richardson, President.

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