Safer & More Effective

  • RoadRunner traffic safety barricades are visually more substantial and command the respect of drivers.
  • High visibility alerts drivers sooner to safety hazards ahead. Linear design makes a positive visual separation between vehicles, bicycles, pedestrians.
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Lower Cost & Handling

  • Over 80% space and cost saving when stacked for transportation or storage.
  • Over ¼ mile of barricade can be stored in the space of one 53 ft. Van (up to 270 units). Typical stacking height: 10 barricades.
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More Convenient

  • Accessories, signage and reflective tape can be applied to suit customer or directional work zone requirements.
  • No additional components needed. Hand lift pockets at each end make light work of any job.
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The Ultimate in Function and Convenience

RoadRunner  Model R-UT 66 Traffic Safety Barricades

ladies standing in front of Route66 sign of traffic barriacades

Model R-UT 66 temporary work zone barricades are easy to handle and fast to position, move and retrieve. Your investment in 'RoadRunner' traffic barricades will result in lower owning and operating costs than any other visual guidance device of its type.

Crash testing and Certification by the U.S. Federal Highway Administration of our RoadRunner R-UT 66 traffic barricade gives you  - our customer - the peace of mind needed to make the right decision. You can rest assured that safety is our main priority.

After 15 years providing our valued customers, that include traffic companies, police departments, army bases, big institutions, airports, race tracks and hospitals, we are proud to say that the traffic barricades made by Premier Plastics Inc. are considered the most usable water barricade on the market today.

While most of our products are shipped factory direct within Canada and the U.S., we also ship offshore, wherever there is a need for water or sand fillable traffic safety barricades.

Our large inventory guarantees you fast service and at very competitive prices (we can ship within 24 hours of an order received).

The shear ease of use (only one person needed to lift/move barricades) combined with the ability to easily stack and transport demonstrates that the RoadRunner R-UT 66 is truly a barricade engineered with users in mind.

Testing & Approvals

NCHRP 350 Test Level 3-71 (60mph)
(National Cooperative Highway
Research Program) Level II Workzone
Traffic Control Safety Barricade

Federal Highway Administration
(FHWA) No. WZ-170
(for Certification click here)

Don't delay...

Make RoadRunner  part of your next Traffic Control Plan.